Meditation for relaxing the mind

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We have been trying to sell our house, and the process has triggered a lot of anxiety within me. I’m not anxious about the outcome, I’m anxious about not knowing what the outcome is. My mind has been just running away with thoughts, different scenarios and negative perspectives. It has not been enjoyable. We’ve done so many cool things lately but I haven’t been able to be present and enjoy them. My mind is always going on the background, and it’s exhausting.


So today after our first open home, I sat down in our most comfortable chair, laid back and just started breathing. Initially I was trying to relax my body. I was telling my mind to push the thoughts away and just focus in breathing.

I kept breathing in and out until all I was focused on was my breath. There were still some nagging thoughts going on but they were kind of pushed to the background. Every time I had one, I’d just say to myself “ok”, and then I just let the thought go. I didn’t fight it, I didn’t engage with it. I just acknowledged its existence and then just let it float away. Like it was unimportant.


Then I started putting my focus on different parts of my body. I’d think about my shoulders and try to get them to relax. Then I’d move to my forehead, my jaw, all over my body: breathing and telling my body to relax.


Once I felt soft and loose, I moved to my brain. I worked on it just like any part of my body. Feeling the sensation in my head and just asking it to calm down and relax. I’m an over-thinker, so the brain is the most tense part of my body, because it never gets a rest.


For the rest of my meditation, I focused on different parts of my brain, and could feel the tension in them. I breathed and and out, imagining my mind feeling loose and unravelled.


Once I felt fully relaxed, the thoughts just seemed to vanish. Then I got up and felt much better. I was thinking clearer. It was much needed and I feel amazing now.

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