Letting Go

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Spirituality is about understanding and letting go of mental suffering.  Suffering in spiritual terms is mental discomfort. Unhappiness, guilt, jealousy, worry, anger, any negative emotion is the soul suffering.

In order to let go of these emotions, one has to understand where this suffering comes from. Generally, it comes from patterns of thought that are habitual and need to be shifted. These patterns are put in place through fear of repeating past traumas. If someone, or a situation has hurt you in your life then you build a wall to stop this hurt from repeating. This wall will either be fight or flight. We use negative emotions to protect us from reopening old wounds.

This fear of being hurt clouds our judgement and we react in ways that are detrimental to our mental comfort. Often the fear is worse than the actual danger. Often there is no danger at all.

In order to understand our patterns we must observe ourselves. When we are feeling negative emotion, feeling panicked and worried, it is time to delve in to our minds and find out why we put that wall there. Then take the wall down and face the fear.

The more fears we face the more we realise there was nothing to fear to begin with. Of course there will be times that we get hurt, but these real dangers are few and far between. It is not worth sacrificing our mental comfort in order to save us from unlikely outcomes.

This is where faith comes in to play. Not faith in a religious sense, but faith in ourselves. Faith that we can handle situations in a positive way, and that no situation is worth us punishing ourselves by letting negative emotions and behaviour take control.

I hear all the time people saying: “When you did that it MADE me feel this”. Nobody can MAKE you feel anything. You choose to feel the way you do through how you perceive the situation. If somebody is making you feel a certain way then you have given that person power over you. You have given up control in order to justify your walls.

Once you let go of fear, you make room for happiness and calm. It can be scary to leave yourself open but have faith in yourself. You are capable of more than you could ever imagine. You are not a victim. Yes bad things may happen but dwelling in victim mode will get you nowhere.

Let go, reset, and get back on track. Don’t let your traumas define you. You are a limitless being, full of compassion, and it is time for you to remember that.

Love and Light.

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