It wasn’t the situation, it was me.

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What if one day you woke up and realised that you had everything, and had achieved everything you had told yourself you needed in order to be happy?

What if you woke up that day and felt miserable?

What if you couldn’t even fathom setting another goal because you realised that whatever you were searching for, that wasn’t the way to get it?

These scenarios happened to me in August of 2017. I had everything I thought I would need to make me feel like I was good enough. I had my idea of what I thought success was. I had everything lined up the exact way I had envisioned.

And I was contemplating suicide.

It wasn’t that I was chasing the wrong things. It wasn’t that I was all about material wealth and notoriety. All I wanted was a wife that I loved, to be a stay at home Dad, and own our own home. I had all that.

On that day I realised that it wasn’t my situation that had to change, it was me. I could manifest and achieve all my worldly desires but I’d always feel ashamed of myself. I’d never feel like I was worthy of being liked or loved because inside I hated myself and had done for quite some time, so long in fact that it had become an accepted and ingrained part of who I was.

That day was a blessing. That day I received the wisdom I needed to change everything: It wasn’t the situation, it was me.

The journey to find self love has been full of ups and downs. From the outside looking at me, not a lot has changed. But internally I’m a completely different person.

We are not born hating ourselves, that’s something we learn to do. Like programming a computer. And if a program is written, it can be re-written.

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to just accept the way you think. If there is one thing we can control it’s the way we interpret and perceive ourselves, others, and the situations we find ourselves in.

Positive thinking isn’t just some fad that’s going on at the moment. It is the anti-virus to the virus. All throughout our lives the pain and traumas we experience add up and multiply spreading through us and tainting the way we perceive the world – both inside and out.

Allowing ourselves to let go of that fear, hate, jealousy and worry programming, and replacing it with hope, Love, compassion and acceptance – changes our entire reality.

It allows us to step outside of who we thought we were and to perceive the world from a clearer and more neutral view. It allows us to see the truth.

That we are all facing these struggles in one way or another and how others behave, much like us, is a representation of how they are thinking and feeing inside. That it’s fine not to take things personally because you don’t have to accept their reality as yours. They have their version of what’s going on and you have yours. Nobody is right or wrong, everybody is just living in a reality of their own creation.

Once you can accept and live these truths, move on from your pain and thank yourself for being so strong during that struggle; then the sky starts to look bluer, trees greener, stars brighter and life less ordinary.

It’s a long, slow, rough process – which from my experience doesn’t seem to ever end. But it is well worth it. IT IS EVERY DAMN THING!

Please don’t stop at the law of attraction. There is so much more than manifesting material gain and experiences. Once you find that true self-love you won’t even care about any of that stuff. Yes you will appreciate everything you have and everything you experience but you won’t need it – because you will be enough.

That is true power, that is true success and that is what the enlightened call: inner peace.

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